SNF Sendriya's Organic Traditional Mysore Malli / మైసూర్ మల్లి / New Rice / కొత్త బియ్యం

Mysore Malli

75% Organic

Mysore Malli rice: It has high fiber content. Suitable for Meals, Sambar rice, curd rice, rasam and Biriyani.

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This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

  • Mysore Malli rice that has high fiber content. Suitable for Meals, Sambar rice, curd rice, rasam and Biriyani.
  • Mysore malli rice strengthens internal organs, Eating this rice, helps us to be active both physically and mentally.
  • All SNF Sendriya products are grown at our own farm organically
  • Consume this food and stay healthy. What you eat is what you are

Facts about this Item:

  • Mysore Malligae is a unique paddy variety(Mysore Malligae is a pearl colored rice.), Which is one of the best in the country for Children and usually practiced/originated in Karnataka.

Cooking: Please soak this rice for at least 12 hours before cooking with pure water and not salty water.
Mixing: Please do not mix red rice varieties with black rice varieties. Red rice should be mixed with other red rice varieties and black rice should be mixed with other black rice varieties. If one would like to mix white rice with colored rice, please mix in the ratio of 1/3 as white rice and 2/3 as colored rice.

Health Benefits:

This rice improves digestion and gives energy to growing kids.

To reverse the harms of chemical or pesticide residue in the body, consume Desi Variety rice regularly.
Naturally cultivated products with Indigenous seed variety tastes better and induces your appetite.

Unpolished or Single Polished rice gives taste of originality and gives lot of health benefits as it contains high fiber, proteins and lower carbohydrates.

Yep, it takes a bit time to get adjusted to different taste and texture. Once you start liking you won’t miss it.

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