Our Vision

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We educate & guide farmers and communities to Save Nature & Environment and conserve water, by using Natural Farming Methods and saying No to Fertilizers and Pesticides. Thus ensuring an healthy environment and an healthy communities by eating natural produces.

Our Mission

    Save Nature Foundation enables, impoverished agriculturally based communities to improve their quality of life by supporting on below projects, that contribute Socio, economic, environmental & sustainable development.

  • Educate & Guide the people on Natural Farming
  • Conduct training camps & Workshops on uses & benefits of Natural Farming
  • Educate the people on the impact of climate change and to decrease Global Warming & Save the Earth
  • Educate the people to Save & Conserve the Forest & Precious water
  • Form the Village volunteers to bring the awareness on using Rain Water Harvesting techniques like percolation tanks with Roof top water at home and Check Dams,Injection Wells, Contour Bunds, Recharge Pits, Dug well Recharge and Trenches with surface runoff water to increase the Ground Water levels at fields.
  • Educate the farmers to cultivate less water consumption crops in rain fed areas and save the Ground Water
  • Work with Government agencies of Horticulture and agriculture departments in the villages for comprehensive development for proper utilization of Gov schemes
  • We work with different national and international NGO s to involve the people in various developmental activities
  • We targeted to adopt few villages and involve communities and help them to become self sufficient and to make model villages in the state.
  • Identifying & Save & protect the age old Trees in the Villages
  • Bring the awareness in the communities, the importance of Precious Water and how to recycle the kitchen & Bathroom waste water and to use it efficiently for Garden Plants.
  • We educate & guide the farmers on how to minimize the consumption of water for cultivation. by using traditional & modern techniques.Take the tours with community people to see the model Villages in the country and learn the best methods used by them and to make sure implementing them back in their villages.
  • Educate the village people to become self sufficient and make the villages as model villages in the country
  • Bring the awareness in the people to use traditional methods in keeping the good health by practicing Yoga and Meditation
  • To start community schools in selected areas initially to teach the importance of Natural farming and involving them in the village developmental activities from childhood on wards
  • To make sure children practicing Yoga and Meditation in the community schools and make them learn all traditional sports by creating olden days of Ashram Vidya Kind of environment.