SNF Sendriya's Organic Single Polished Sona Masoori Rice / New Rice / కొత్త బియ్యం - RNR 15048

Variety : Telangana Sona / చిట్టిమల్లెలు

75% Organic

Telangana Sona Rice: Helps in reducing blood glucose , It can be used to make Idli, dosa and other rice varieties.

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This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

  • Telangana Sona rice will help in reducing blood glucose
  • Low GI Rice
  • It can be used to make Idli, dosa and other rice varieties
  • SNF Sendriya organic products are processed from selected best quality desi seeds and follows FSSAI norms from production, cleanliness and packaging.
  • Free from pesticides, naturally and organically grown in our own SNF Sendriya farm at Medak.
  • No preservatives added for more life span of rice.

Facts about this item:

Telangana Sona variety rice has bagged international acclamation. A research article on Telangana Sona (RNR 15048), also known as Chittimallelu, grown in the State, which was published in the latest edition of American Journal of Food and Nutrition, says it is better than Japonica rice in glycemic index (GI). Japonica rice is extensively cultivated and consumed in China, Japan and Korea.

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