Experience the benefits of organic farming with us

Experience the benefits of organic farming with us

Save Nature Foundation” is an NGO focused in transforming Conventional Farming to Organic Farming; from following chemical practices to natural practices. We deeply believe that it’s high time now to reflect on our old methods and adapt to them quickly. Just over a century ago, all Indian farms were “Organic.” Farmers tended their natural crops without man-made chemicals (e.g. pesticides, etc.) followed the same methods that their grandfathers and grandmothers followed. Somewhere in the buzz of industrialization, we all have forgotten our age-old traditions and methods which helped our ancestors remain in good health.

To acheive our goals, we established a brand "SNF Sendriya". We, SNF Sendriya always strive hard to make sure, everyone experiences the true essence and benefits of Organic Farming.

What is Organic farming ?

Organic Farming is an agricultural system, that uses natural fertilizers such as Jeevamrutam, Kashayas and other plant based natural fertilizers and places emphasis on techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting.

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At what stage of Plant's life cycle can we use Organic Farming Methods ?

To understand this question, we will first look at Life cycle based on various stages of using Organic Farming Methods in growing a Crop / Plant

Seed: At the beginning of our journey towards inculcating and Practicing Organic Farming, we researched, met, and gathered legacy and pure organic seeds from other Farmers, who protected them.
Sow: Depending on the type of crop, and the quantity we planned to yield, we have chosen from several permutations & combinations between various crops /plants.
Ex: Sandalwood with ________Horse gram with _________ and so on.... Refer to our YouTube channel for more info..... https://www.youtube.com/c/SharathPatlori
Grow: At present, conventional Farming in which plants and crops are chemically treated for their growth. But we started practicing Organic Farming methods like using ‘Kashayams’, ‘Jeevamrutam’, ‘Vermi compost’ etc., in growing the crops and plants. Please check our youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/SharathPatlori

Yield: Finally, we get the yield of the crop which is Healthier, long lasting (stays fresh for a long time), smells original and tastes way better. By the way, we don’t use any preservatives* or food additives*.

Preservatives are used to keep the food fresh. Food additives are used to add taste to food artificially.

Organically grown food Chemically grown food
1) Stays fresh for a long time. 1) Gets damaged quickly.
2) Smells original (We can identify any
food only by its smell without looking at
2) Has a neutral smell.
3) Has a very good taste. 3) Has a neutral taste.

It’s simple: nature knows. Crops that are native to an area thrive without chemicals and are naturally resistant to diseases. (Face it: if you try to grow mangoes in a wintry climate, you’re setting yourself up for failure.) Experiments and lab tests were conducted for proving all the above benefits of Organic Farming.
Freshness Experiment on Rice: In Summer at around 30° C Temperature, under the roof, we placed organically grown rice in a bowl which is left aside and checked after 35 – 40 hours. To everybody’s surprise, the rice remained unrotten and undamaged. In general, rice which we consume in the present market gets damaged within 8 to 9 hours if stored in a normal room in the summer. Don’t want to believe us??? – You can always try it yourself (href to products page) and let us know your results. 

Odor Experiment on Guava: We conducted an experiment by closing our eyes with cloth and just smelled Guava fruits, 1 being organically grown and picked from our farm and another fruit being bought in the market.
We were able to identify Organic Guava fruit just by its smell because organic products smell originally.
Ex: Guava fruit smells like guava and Tomato smells like Tomato, without adding any preservatives, every product has its original true essence within which can be experimented by its smell.
Still in disbelief???? – Try it yourself (href to products page) and let us know your results. Taste Experiment on Guava: We distributed our `Guava` fruits to all our friends, relatives, and everyone who visited our Farm.
They have consumed the fruits and shared their feedback. Here are the testimonials! “Tastes Fabulous. It’s worth every single penny” - M. Ravi (One of our Relatives). Put up a small photo “Reminds me of my childhood days when eating mangoes was so much fun” - K. Sasi Put up a small photo “Tastes much better. It shows the quality of good seeds” - S.Veerayya( Farmer) Put up a small photo All crop’s yield could be consumed in its ‘raw’ form or as a ‘processed food’ We grow 7 types of vegetables, fruits, peanuts, onions, trees, plants, crops and implement Agroforestry, Mixed farming methods, and follow best Irrigation techniques in our integrated farm. Mostly, all varieties grown are suitable to be consumed in raw form like peanuts, onions, vegetables, horse gram etc. We grow ‘Paddy’ crop and sell the processed food - ‘Rice’ with our registered Brand – “SNF Sendriya”
Want to Experience the benefits of Organic Farming with us? You can experience it in 2 ways:
A. Growing C) End Products B. Growing: Dropdown or any feature to select
Are you a Farmer? Want to switch to organic farming? We are always here to help and do our best in guiding and supporting you in transforming from chemical farming to organic farming!!
We offer our services in 3 ways: Choose what you prefer below!!
Training: We provide training sessions in our Farm through “Amrutha Bhai Rural Skill Development
Center” - [Below attach brochure in the form of PDF – Eng & Tel]

Videos: We upload our training sessions as much as possible in our YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/SharathPatlori
Books: We documented a book for each crop. It's available in Telugu and English languages. Dropdown for selecting the crops 1) Paddy 2) Corn 3) Millets [Telugu & English] What's so special about our books? Each book has the below features 1. It has all information from “Seed to Yield” which includes seed selection, seed treatment, organic methods in growing the crops, in which, each method is compared with its respective chemical way of farming.
2. Each method is differentiated by economical, area, and type of method so that one can easily choose which method suits them and read the respective content.
3. Books available in the market are currently analog, but our book has the feature of connecting the content to the digital world via Phone.
Read our book, gain knowledge and start practicing organic farming. Want to read our book, pre-order here. [Attach book cover in the form of PDFs and reference to pre-order the book within website & Link
for Amazon] Never grown a plant before? Planning to start your journey in organic farming? We make it simple!! Home to Farm. Add a post here [Don´t trust organic products do wonders, experience it yourself post!!] Experience the benefits of organic farming from your home through our Initiative Grow a plant – Get rewarded, [Instagram link or grow a plant brochure].
Initiative Grow a plant – Get rewarded:
Start growing any plant organically at your home, preferably Veggies to experience the benefits of Organic Farming.
How can you participate? 2 Ways in ordering:
1. Order pot + our organic (vegetable) seeds, which we grow on our farm as mentioned above [Link
to Grow section]
2. Order only seeds and grow them at your home.
Organic Methods in growing at home? Follow our videos posted on Instagram to grow your sapling What after growing? Take a snap, send us, tag us. Taste the veggies, and compare them with veggies you normally find outside. How can you differentiate? [Refer to different tables and videos] Have you already grown plants at your home? Want to try it outdoors on-farm at a big scale, follow our
above grow section – farmers to start with. A. Experience the benefits of consuming our end products? We practice organic farming methods at our farm and grow and sell our 100% original & our own organic products directly to you, without any roadblocks in between. So, they are affordable, quality organic products.
We sell our products on our own brand: SNF Sendriya Link Of The Product Page
Our Products: No Preservatives added



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